Of eggs and leisure craft

Just working back through a load of left open and forgotten browser windows and came across Iain Dales, second misguided piece about the EU banning a dozen eggs* And was reminded of the following rant/observation made by a friend of mine: “There seems to be an obsession with misreporting EU legislation and yet, the actual real-bad legislation never gets very much reported, if I was into conspiracy theory I’d say that it was deliberate so bad-shit could just be hidden in the lies and crap but that’s unfounded because the British government have actually been quite good about some of … Continue reading

Spoke too soon

Typical of a Gordon Brown announcement things weren’t quite what they seem. Yes he’s going to step down as party leader but in an “orderly” manner so not until conference in September and if the country needs him (fat chance) then he’ll generously agree to cling on to any leaver of power that he can for as long as possible. On an amusing quote front Mr Brown said “parliamentary and not presidential system“, so what were those leadership debates about then? Meanwhile senior Labour types such as John Reid and Blunkett are saying that Labour should step down and let … Continue reading

Strange days indeed

The end of the world must surely be coming, that or I’ve fallen into some odd alternate reality, for today we have: Tom Harris saying Daniel Hannan is right (which he is) and elsewhere Peter Tatchell is defending homophobes (well their right to free speech). All these attacks on our liberties and sovereignty do make for some strange alliances. +1-1