Last week else where

Still not quite got the hang of this, but here’s some fun bits from last week. Orphans of Liberty had some interesting thoughts on Scottish independence The Telegraph reminded us that free speech is only free if it’s for everyone Americans support Drug testing for congress – it’s an idea that could catch on over here I think The mainstream media begins to suspect that super ASBO’s could be bad SCottish greens support fracking as long as it’s not for gas Greenpeace sink to a new low +47-3

text messages are publishing

In very related new to the recent porn trial reports, it would seem that our enlightened judiciary are once more extending the law. For they have decided on an appeal ruling that sending a text message counts as publishing as far as the obscene publications act is concerned. The full details are over at the The Register, but basically text based communications to an audience of one counts as publishing, and it could be up to a jury to decide if the text is capable of “depraving or corrupting”. If it were a chat session then both parties could be … Continue reading

One step forward two steps back

I can see blue sky out the window and it’s a bank holiday so really I should have better things to be doing than writing a blog, but there you go. First off a slight update it seems that a rare bout of good sense briefly inflicted the EU and all three committees rejected ACTA, though that doesn’t actually kill it out right. Of course the European Parliament may decide to go ahead with it in June anyway, after all we’ve already ratified it. Which does make me wonder how many other regulations our politicians blame on the EU we … Continue reading