Modern comparitive hypocrisy

Travelling into town to partake of a few sherberts in a drinking house of my acquaintance, I happened to pick up the Evening Standard. Being an infrequent reader of the printed press, there was much that caught my eye, not least the very different emphasis on news presented therein compared to what I stumble across within my daily RSS feeds. However it was a fortuitous day to read a paper as Mr Huhne had just been charged, and a certain detail within that article did make my wonder (just as it did Fausty). Mt Huhne is a multi millionaire, though … Continue reading

Photographing buses

I was recently linked to an article that seemed to be bad news for photographers (sorry I forget who by), which I reposted on Facebook. I would have left it there, but for one of the comments I got which observed that the judgement was based on not the similarity of the pictures but on a deliberate attempt to copy. Now that being the case I got our fearless (but sadly not talented) in house artist to make a dramatic recreation of the troublesome picture. It should be noted this is a dramatic recreation, not an act of parody as … Continue reading

Time for a walk?

At a lose end today? Why not toddle along to a nice little pub (Chandos) just off Trafalgar square to go for a bracing walk around Westminster, with Old Holborn and a bunch of like minded bloggers, libertarians and other ne’er do wells that are concerned with the way civil liberties are being eroded in this country and Governmental power is being given up to the poorly democratic EU. Hopefully see you there, Guy Fawkes outfit strongly encouraged :) Full report later, once I’m back and sober. +20