The stupidity it burns….

Reading LegIrons round up of Madness reminded me of a little press release from the London assembly I read a while back. Transport for London’s plans to reward people who make their journey on foot or by bike under a new incentive scheme I thought at first that the headline had to be misleading as with all the savings we need to be making paying people to walk or cycle rather than just say improving cycle facilities and the like would be silly. But no the press release goes on to say: “rewarding people with offers and discounts should help … Continue reading

On yer bike!

With a surprisingly small amount of negative press Boris’s bike hire scheme launched last Friday, even the Mirror don’t outright trash the plan. Reading an interview with Boris before the launch he seemed quite realistic about the fact that there would be teething troubles and that it will take a while to get everything working smoothly, so with that in mind limiting it to people who sign up in advance as de-facto beta testers seems an excellent way of doing a gradual roll out. The review in cycling plus compared the bikes reasonably well to their Parisian counter parts. Hearing … Continue reading