Finally a Labour reply

To complete the round up of replies, a member of the Labour party has finally got a staffer to reply for them and follow the same line as the piss poor local Tories – “If the courts say it’s ok then nothing to worry about”. Anyway here’s the reply. “Dear A. Voter Thank you for contacting me about this issue which is obviously extremely important to you. I am fully supportive of freedom of speech within the parameters of the law. The case you mention has been the subject of a due legal process and therefore I support this. The … Continue reading

Asking the great and good about the Bexley one

Following ip on Bexley councils approach to democracy and as we’ve got mayoral elections coming up here in Londonshire – I thought I’d try and get in touch with the various mayoral candidates to ask their opinion on Bexley Council gagging a resident from writing about them. This was an enlightening expereince in itself, all of the candidate websites had quite eay to find links to send them money or register support but very few had anyway to get in touch to actually ask a question. Such as in this case should “Councils stop their electorate talking about them?” For … Continue reading

Why not Ken?

Just for a change I shall start things off with a statement of bias, I don’t like Ken Livingstone much (from what I know of him), think he was a poor Mayor and really don’t want him back in any sort of power ever. I wouldn’t trust him as honorary mayor of a toy village consisting of 3 cereal boxes and some sticky back plastic, so this may all come across as a bit biased, so I’m really quite in the Not ken again camp. That said so far the only propaganda I’ve received for the mayoral election is from … Continue reading