A small grumble and a question

Catching up on that afore mentioned reading of blogs, the dauntless LegIron has commented on Bin rage which is currently a minor grumble of mine with currently no obvious solution. Where I live my non-recyling is taken away fortnightly which is usually fine I don’t normally have more than a shopping back of rubbish a week to throw out, so I have a small wheely bin, all well and good. Except every now and then I have a sort out, such as when my housemate/lodger moves out and suddenly my bin is full to over flowing. Now back in the … Continue reading

Can’t draw for toffee

Now normally I really can’t draw, tonight I’m just back from the pub and my graphics tablet isn’t working so I had to use the trackball. Trackballs it seems are even worse for drawing than mice. However this is as good as it’ll get so for the First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day – here’s something…. Update A rather good article about why to draw Mohammad over at Greta Christina’s Blog and the Everyone Draw Mohammed blog +30