Fitwatch down

It would seem that after posting an article offering advice to students on how to make getting arrested after committing criminal acts the site Fitwatch has been taken down at the request of the police. Unlike Dizzy I don’t think Fitwatch consider all police to be “brutal bastards” and quite liked what they were doing. Overt surveillance of peaceful demonstrations does have a chilling effect on protest, and the compilation of dossiers of protesters who haven’t broken any laws is not acceptable. So hampering police operations when they’re doing this, and playing them at their own game seems fair enough … Continue reading

A miscellany of idiocy

Having muttered about the student “demo” previously I find myself returning to the subject due to comments made by other commentators and people that were there. From the title of this post you can probably gather that I disagree with their points really quite strongly. But of course it’s not just supporters of the student demo’s advocating violence, elsewhere there are green candidates whose response to the cuts impacting “a genuinely shocking number of important animal welfare initiatives” and thus creating the kind of world they don’t wish to live in, is not to look at how they could fund … Continue reading

Riot for the media

So the students have taken to the streets to protest at the proposed changes to student funding. On the plus side they start out with some very nice placards clearly stating their cause, then left a load of grafitti which didn’t mention it. The rather pointless riot somewhat spoilt it though, starting initially in the wrong place and then attacking a rented office filled mainly with people with no power or little influence – surely protesting outside Parliament would have been more productive? Whilst the students are angry and have grievances to put across I can’t help feel that it … Continue reading