A collection of idiocy

Once again I foolishly read the Metro on my way to work, you’d have thought by now I’d know better. The very front page greeted me with two disparate examples of idiocy. The lesser of the two was that random strangers decided to impose themselves on the family and friends of Raoul Moat because he’s “an hero” (as I believe they say in popular youth culture). From the mouth of on of the inconsiderate cretins demonstrating such a lack of manners came this utter gem: “I absolutely loved him. I just think he is a hero and I wanted to … Continue reading

That didn’t take long

So not long after they were introduced and as a matter of no surprise at all to virtually everyone, the body scanners at Heathrow have been used for ogling. This utterly predictable use of new technology for porn whilst worrying isn’t terribly surprising. What concerns me slightly more is that the security staff at Heathrow are apparently thick enough to enter “the X-ray machine by mistake” and also thick enough to tell the person concerned that they’ve just used a scanner to look at them. Though why the scanned guard “can’t bear to think about the body scanner thing” is … Continue reading