Whitby floods

It hasn’t made much news but Whitby has recently experienced rather a bit of flooding leaving quite a few people with homes far less habitable than they previously have been. Given Scarborough councils rather litigious nature I won’t say that the reduction in dredging of Whitby harbour and general neglect of Whitby’s infrastructure had anything to do with the seriousness of the situation. Nor will I suggest that Scarborough council has a resonably long, obvious and well documented antipathy towards Whitby. However I will say that in the numerous years I’ve been visiting Whitby for the Goth weekend the residents have been unfailingly welcoming and friendly and it’s an excellent town well worth visiting. In response to the floods the residents of Whitby are rallying round to help each other, but a bit of extra help never goes amiss. So if you can spare a few bob or live nearby and have furniture or food that needs a new home it’d all be very welcome. Details can be found on the Whitby flood relief facebook group.

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