A tale of two trains

Yesterday a man was deliberately pushed under a tube train at Kentish town station and thankfully a man has been arrested in relation to this. This was reported in the news, but if you look on twitter there’s no hashtag and outside of the news channels what you’ll find is largely:

The man who was pushed under the train suffered life threatening injuries and the crime is being treated as attempted murder, by comparison the day before someone got handed a card accusing them of being fat due to eating too much. This made them cry and left them a bit upset, but no worries twitter was there with a hashtag and they got offered hundreds of pounds worth of clothing to make them feel better. I’ve not found any hint of anyone offering to help the man in any way to deal with their life threatening injuries, I suspect they probably could do with a new set of clothes at the very least. Whilst i would never wish to dictate who or what people pay attention to, contrasting the two responses can’t help but make me suspect people’s priorities are really rather screwed up.

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