Last week else where

Still not quite got the hang of this, but here’s some fun bits from last week. Orphans of Liberty had some interesting thoughts on Scottish independence The Telegraph reminded us that free speech is only free if it’s for everyone Americans support Drug testing for congress – it’s an idea that could catch on over here I think The mainstream media begins to suspect that super ASBO’s could be bad SCottish greens support fracking as long as it’s not for gas Greenpeace sink to a new low +47-3

High priests of the endarkenment

The barbarians are it seems at the very gates of the ivory towers, and I apologise for such an over used metaphor. The popular on line science magazine “Popular Science” is drawing up the door bridge and closing down comments. Now their gaff their rules, they can do whatever they like, they could have moderated comments, rated them all sorts of things, but they chose to turn off comments and let people discuss things on their forums which does serve the purpose of restricting those that comment to only the genuinely interested so fair enough. Their reasoning is that: “Comments … Continue reading

Preliminary response to forthcoming IPCC update

Due to the forthcoming update to the IPCC report and the new details emerging about the validity of the models used we feel compelled to release the latest data from our research into PGCC (Phantasmagorical global climate change). Over the last few minutes a team of experts* have been working tirelessly to address a much neglected but we feel significant factor missed from most “standard” models of climate change. The factor is of course the impact of phantasmagorical effects on global climate change. Diligent review of existent papers shows these factors to have been entirely neglected despite the considerable impact … Continue reading