Strange days indeed

The end of the world must surely be coming, that or I’ve fallen into some odd alternate reality, for today we have: Tom Harris saying Daniel Hannan is right (which he is) and elsewhere Peter Tatchell is defending homophobes (well their right to free speech). All these attacks on our liberties and sovereignty do make for some strange alliances. +1-1

UKIP losing the plot

The news is currently full of reports that Lord Pearson head of UKIP has announced that they’d like to ban the burqa. Oddly there’s nothing about this on the UKIP site, which makes me wonder how well thought out it is. Equally puzzling is why UKIP feel the need to announce such a policy, I don’t believe that “white working” class votes actually care that much about women dressing as daleks, and as Archbishop Cranmer expounds so well this policy really has nothing to do with UKIPs stated aim of getting us out of the EU. It’s got the Furries … Continue reading

Scary post of the day

Back at work today and to start the year off badly, this rather worrying post by Anna Raccoon about the birth of the ‘Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly’. Which it seems seeks to extend the EU across the Mediterranean in to Africa – the stated goals of political partnership and economic union seem oddly familiar. Anyway go read the article particularly the list of countries with whom we’ll soon be experiencing closer union with of course free movement of people. +2-1