More petitions

Sorry about this but two more petitions towards which I feel I should draw your attention. First falling into my inbox this morning a request from The EU Referendum pledge they’d like us to get more names signed up to try and start putting direct pressure on our various MPs, and see which ones are actually prepared to at least claim they’d like to give us a say on our membership in the EU. The second via Anna Raccoon is new of a petition to reform libel laws to allow “fair comment”, go sign that over at It won’t … Continue reading

Navel gazing

I’m afraid I must indulge in that most terrible of things, a blog post about blogging. Having had to think about why I joined OH on hist first little stroll and why I continued almost on my own the other day I also started to think about why I’m writing here and what I want to achieve with both of them if anything. +1-1

Why we still need to go walking

Having just recently plugged a rather nice afternoon stroll, today brings reminders as to why such strolling is still needed as a minimum. The new bosses really are the same as the old bosses (but then they probably always were going to be, especially if you subscribe to the view that they’re just following orders from Brussels/hidden powers). The pub element of the walk could certainly become trickier Via Big Brother watch a review of how the coalition and civil liberties, which doesn’t make happy reading. Nor in some ways does the dropping of charges against the love police as, … Continue reading