local grumblings from Whitby

I’m not a Whitby local, but due to being of a dodgy Gothic persuasion I seem to have spent quite a bit of time there over the last 10 plus years. For anyone who’s never been there it’s a lovely place and well worth the visit, but it’s been the suspicion amongst some gothic Whitby goers for a while that Scarborough council (which covers Whitby as well) has been rather jealous of Whitby’s popularity and has tried to push events out of Whitby in the hopes they’d end up in Scarborough. A quite laughable hope in the case of the … Continue reading

Smoke signals

Whilst I still posses my doubts and a certain cynicism towards the new government e-petitions site I figure that it can’t hurt to try it. If nothing else it gives them another thing to ignore and us another thing to point at and say “look you’re ignoring us” – one day this might achieve something. However in the meantime Dick Puddlecote has brought to my attention a petition to “review the smoking ban“, not repeal just you know maybe see if it could be relaxed a bit. It’s even support by Anthony Worrall Thompson so it’s got celebrity kudos and … Continue reading

95 years on

Via a friend I’m reminded that 95 years ago today was the opening day of the Somme, and by 12:30 PM over 50,000 of Britain’s soldiers were dead or wounded. A mere 95 years after that event our politicians would sneak our honoured dead out the service entrance when they’re brought back home “to avoid public scenes of emotion”. No matter what we may think about the conflicts we’re involved in, the soldiers who give their lives for this country deserve to be publicly honoured and their sacrifice acknowledged and remembered. Please sign the petition to prevent them being brought … Continue reading