Student tantrum revisited

As articles about the student protests/tantrums and the evil changes to their funding abound, I find myself increasingly confused by the whole matter. The Independent reports that only a quarter of the students are expected to actually pay off their loans, which would seem to put the whole change in funding firmly into the “book keeping trick” category, as the bulk of the funding will still come from taxes covering the loans but the government can at least claim it’s all loans. In the meantime apart from keeping the cost off the governments books for a bit it would seem … Continue reading

Court of protection striking again

Anna Raccoon is highlighting the plight of Stephen Neary a 20 year old man with Autism who’s been wrenched from the care of his Father and is rapidly vanishing into the darkness that is the “care” of the court of protection. Go read the full article and then sign the petition to have him returned to his family. If you’re wondering what this has to do with you consider that he’s being held under legislation that allows people to be deprived of their liberty for their “own good” but doesn’t consider that to be “locking them up”. Currently you have … Continue reading

More petitions

Sorry about this but two more petitions towards which I feel I should draw your attention. First falling into my inbox this morning a request from The EU Referendum pledge they’d like us to get more names signed up to try and start putting direct pressure on our various MPs, and see which ones are actually prepared to at least claim they’d like to give us a say on our membership in the EU. The second via Anna Raccoon is new of a petition to reform libel laws to allow “fair comment”, go sign that over at It won’t … Continue reading