Illuminating mischief

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re aware of the recent story regarding Mr. Clarkson and his alleged “fracas”. This latest episode in Mr. Clarkson’s is the latest in a long litany of events which have horrified some people and caused amusement for far more. The reaction to this latest incident is – to my mind – really quite illuminating, but before we get to that – a quick recap. What is known is that after some manner of “fracas” Mr. Clarkson has been suspended from his job and the next episode of TopGear has been cancelled. Beyond that … Continue reading

Crime and policing bill reaches the Lords

Quite a while back I wrote about the crime and policing bill, this horrendous piece of legislation has finally reached the Lords. None of the political parties sitting in Westminster are kicking up much of a fuss, although some amendments have been tabled, despite this bit of the mainstream media are finally starting to notice what a colossal pile of authoritarian shit the bill is. Even Mr Monbiot has decide its a bad thing – which tells you just how truly awful it is, as the Guardian usually quite likes handing the state more power to ban things. The good … Continue reading

Bexley petition

Quick bit of local politics, from Olly Cromwell The Bexley Petiton & The Right to Recall If you’ve seen how Bexley behave with regards to Olly and via the Bexley is Bonkers site then you’ll know why getting the right of recall in Bexley (and everywhere else) would be such a good idea, so do please go and read Olly’s article and then sign the petition (or petitions if you’re a Bexley resident), we only need 5% of the local population to sign. If you want to skip directly to the petition it’s here: (Though it appears to be … Continue reading