Photographing buses

I was recently linked to an article that seemed to be bad news for photographers (sorry I forget who by), which I reposted on Facebook. I would have left it there, but for one of the comments I got which observed that the judgement was based on not the similarity of the pictures but on a deliberate attempt to copy. Now that being the case I got our fearless (but sadly not talented) in house artist to make a dramatic recreation of the troublesome picture. It should be noted this is a dramatic recreation, not an act of parody as … Continue reading

Best walk so far

Another November the 5th gone and another “quiet” walk around London with the indomitable Old Holborn, Olly Cromwell, Katabasis and others whose presence has been erased by alcohol (remind me if you want) – which was an utter blast. As has become our want we met in the pleasing environs of Chandos to exchange niceties, don costumes and imbibe a bracing drink before braving the autumnal air. Our dapper and well presented crew headed off down Whitehall, pausing to admire the security in place at that bastion of democracy that is Downing street. Setting the theme for the day they … Continue reading

Public spaces in London

A while back I linked to the Evening Standard report on the new and improved ring of steel and the topic also game up both on the last little walk I went on and in comments about it. so it’s interesting to note that the London Assembly Planning and Housing Committee are “reportedly” going to be talking about private management of public spaces. I saw “reportedly” because although the press release mentions that the “private management of public space can mean Londoners are excluded from parts of the capital or subject to arbitrary rules around activities like filming” , there’s … Continue reading