Public service announcement

A while back I mentioned that Olly Cromwells site was having problems, it’s still down and his provider are being oddly silent, however he’s back on a new address and still on form. So if you’ve been missing young Mr Cromwells florid prose you can currently find him on: An account of the trials and tribulations with his previous hosting provider can be found in the first post. +3-1

Bexley petition

Quick bit of local politics, from Olly Cromwell The Bexley Petiton & The Right to Recall If you’ve seen how Bexley behave with regards to Olly and via the Bexley is Bonkers site then you’ll know why getting the right of recall in Bexley (and everywhere else) would be such a good idea, so do please go and read Olly’s article and then sign the petition (or petitions if you’re a Bexley resident), we only need 5% of the local population to sign. If you want to skip directly to the petition it’s here: (Though it appears to be … Continue reading

Bad news from Bexley

I’m sad to report that it’s bad news from Bromley court, the Cunts in Bexley Council have managed to get young Olly Cromwell sentenced to 12 month community service order AND a 5 year restraining order plus £620 costs. As Max says that sounds like Olly can’t attend council meetings so an apparently very obvious denial of his democratic rights. I’m hoping there’ll be a whip round to  help with costs, and I suspect that I’ll have a sudden urge to attend more council meetings. I’m expecting that Gareth Bacon still won’t comment possibly citing appeals, or failing that both … Continue reading