Technologically clueless

Once more our glorious leaders have demonstrated to the world that they are what was once known as cluebait. Sadly this is an all to common occurrence, which is a problem given how much they bang on about wanting the UK to be a technological power house. Just last month our glorious leader wanted to ban WhatsApp and SnapChat because it’s difficult for spooks to spy on them. Obviously no one had bothered to tell him that unless you also ban the technology that makes online banking, shopping, b2b and the entire internet secure it would take about 30 seconds … Continue reading

Well meaning but…

I work in IT and I’m sure I’ve made decisions that have puzzled people or made them wonder what sort of special idiot I am. Fortunately for me most of what I’ve done hasn’t really had significant real world consequences. The same can not be said of the new surveillance detecting tool from Amnesty, Privacy International and the EFF. This new spyware detecting tool is called Deteckt and is aimed at people who fear they may be at risk of targeted surveillance. Now I’m sure that the people that wrote it are both very clever and well meaning, however if … Continue reading

Scottish Campaigning

With the Scottish independence campaigns drawing to an end and both sides having run really not terribly inspiring campigns (to be generous) I thought a quick contrast of negative techniques was in order. FUD Lies Bribes Intimidation violence Better together • • •     Yes Scotland • • • • • On the FUD* front, Better Together have been “scaremongering” about businesses leaving, currency collapse and the rest of it, meanwhile Yes Scotland have been talking about the NHS being destroyed and the imperial English tory boot crushing Scottish freedom. I think I’ll just skip the lies as really … Continue reading