Unspeakable – Laurie Penny

This isn’t about Ms.Penny’s latest tome, nor am I going to comment about someone who has protested Amazon having legal tax set ups selling their wares via the same company *. Rather I’ve found the whole Amazon review situation and the responses to it rather illuminating on some world views. It all started when Old Holborn tweeted ‘Let the trolling commence’ with a link to the Amazon review for “Unspeakable things”. This was interpreted in some quarters as Old Holborn instructing his followers to go and troll the reviews, and who knows maybe some people do do what OH tells … Continue reading

And so it came to pass

As I don’t get to say I told you so very often I really couldn’t let this pass – even though it was ever so obvious. A while back I questioned the wisdom of expanding hate crime to all subcultures. I even made some pictures observing that it would include people that those calling for such an expansion might not like. My psychic skills were apparently working that day as a mere year down the road Kent police are investigating the vandalism of UKIP posters as… hate crime. I wonder if the young chap photographing himself burning UKIP signs will … Continue reading

Well that didn’t take long

Whilst I expected this to happen I’m slightly surprised that it’s been quite this quick. Just the other day BT announce they’re turning on censorship by default and before you can say “cluster fuck” it emerges that O2 are blocking a support site for homeless LGBT teens. This isn’t an accident, or at least not much of one, this is the filters working as designed. The New Statesman covers it very well, the debate was always framed as anti-porn when it was never just about porn, we don’t know who compiles the lists, the lists get changed and updated all … Continue reading