Baccy growing experiments

Just before we reach the end of Octabber I thought it about time to post a short summary of my Tobacco production experiments so far this year. I entirely blame the inestimable LegIron for this endevour as his article on his efforts inspired me despite not actually smoking myself. I ordered some Virginia gold seeds from an interweb shop based on the fact that it’s what my father used to smoke so why not. I’m not exactly a keen gardener and planted them in pots so didn’t get particularly huge plants, I suspect they’re all root bound or don’t like … Continue reading

Greasing up the slippery slope

[This is a repost of an article that was first posted on Drinkuary] We’ve been a bit quiet of late but we’ve not gone away. Whilst alcohol control has largely left the headlines amidst rumours that minimum pricing will be dropped (though that’s still only rumours) it’s not as though the puritans have stopped their activities. Do you remember how years ago it was just one carriage of a train you couldn’t smoke in and then it was all of the train, well I’d hate to say that it’s a template which gets used a lot but… Eastcoast mainline will … Continue reading

A personal mile stone

Forgive the excessive number of navel gazing posts that this blog has indulged in of late, and allow me one more. This it seems is my 500th post – which given I started this back in 2011 just to post a write up of Old Holborns first little walk isn’t bad going. I really don’t seem to be able to break the post every 3 days average even if it is sporadic and involves days like today when I whitter on endlessly. Anyway to celebrate I’ve cracked open a bottle of my favourite home brew, a healthy little drop made … Continue reading