Seems it’s ok for councillors to swear

In related news to young Olly Cromwells current issues with Bexley Cuntcil and the beak in seems that it’s perfectly OK for Councillors to swear about other Councillors: ” A councillor has won High Court backing to be “rude” online about colleagues in what could be a landmark case. Community councillor Malcolm Calver, of Manorbier, Pembrokeshire, challenged a censure by a local authority standards body over “bitching” and “sarcastic” comments. He claimed it violated his human right to freedom of expression. Mr Justice Beatson said there was ‘a need for politicians to have thicker skins than others’.” There would though … Continue reading

More evasive bollox

London Assembly member and Bexley Council member Gareth Bacon has responded to my request for clarification. Explaining that even though I’m only asking about a general principle as that principle relates to a current court case he couldn’t possibly comment. Now I’m not a lawyer (thankfully) but this level of “couldn’t possibly comment on a case before the courts” seems well let’s be generous and say a tad over precautionary at best. “Dear A Voter, Unfortunately you did not pay sufficient attention to my email, so I need to be explicitly clear in my response. It would be entirely inappropriate … Continue reading

Random update

What with taking a holiday up in the wilds of North Yorkshire and being sent on a training course by work life has been rather busy. That aside though I’ve just followed up with those elected representatives who gave mealy mouthed and evasive replies to give them a chance to support free speech and accountability. Not a single further reply have I received to my initial query, so I may do individual follow ups to the lot of them and failing that shall post a list of those that couldn’t be bothered to reply (which includes all but one Mayoral … Continue reading