Another day, another terror attack

This week has been London’s turn to be the latest target of Islamic terrorist activity, and all of the usual platitudes and nonsense has been wheeled out. Exactly the same as last time and the time before that. The police and powers that be are worried about yet another anti-Muslim back lash, even though there’s not been one yet. Our glorious leaders are saying we must carry on as normal whilst surrounding themselves with the more blocks of concrete, whilst demanding we give up more freedom. we’re assured it’s a lone wolf attack that has immediately led to 7 other … Continue reading

Cologne madness

Hopefully anyone reading this is aware of the incidents that happened in Cologne and other German cities at new year. Just in case you’re not it would seem that large crowds of me of “North African and Arab appearance” (as the BBC put it) gathered in Cologne’s main square and around the train station where they fired rockets at the crowd threw bottles and sexually assaulted (include at least 2 rapes) a large number of women. Now normally I wouldn’t write about this, there’d be no need I mean drunken men causing trouble and sexually assaulting women social media and … Continue reading

Halal and labeling

There’s been quite a bit of talk about halal meat being served by popular fast food chains of late. Quite a few people have tried to frame this as a racist attack on Muslims (conflating as ever a religion with a race, or are Saudi Muslims, Pakistani Muslims and all other Muslims all the same race?). Other people have taken the view that it really doesn’t matter as long as the welfare of the animals are the same, and apparently some of the food vendors do tell you that they use halal meat if you go to their website and … Continue reading