Puritans don’t party

Sorry to be talking about the Olympics again, I know it’s pretty much inescapable where ever you go so I’m sorry to be adding to that. Now certain bits of the international media have noticed that we’re exactly in a party mood. I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the numerous stories about what that august body LoCog have decided to ban to prevent any local business actually benefiting from the disruption of the Olympics, in case you’ve missed it here’s a selection.A volunteer produced village news paper for Boxhill has been banned from making and selling a special edition … Continue reading

The Olympics ™ (c) Pat Pending

This blog would like to make it clear how very proud it is not to be an Olympic sponsor for the London 2012 games this summer. Following what must surely become known as chip gate the level of paranoia exhibited by the official sponsors turns out to exceed that of our security forces. Though of course they haven’t tried to put missiles on to nearby tower blocks to pre-emptively remove any unauthorised advertising, t-shirt, snack. The 300 purple capped brand police will be enforcing special legislation brought into protect the corporate interest of the big sponsors making sure no small … Continue reading

Protests and pagents

Another rambling post I’m afraid, very soon London will be over run for the sum by both the pageantry for the queens jubilee and then shortly after the Olympics. During this period I intend to avoid central London as much as possible, other people it seems plan to go into London not so much to enjoy the festivities (such as we’re told they’ll be) as to protest them. Yet again I wonder about the motives and intelligence of the people planning protests that I’ve read of so far, though at the same time I hope that they’ll be no arrests … Continue reading