Wondering around outside the olympics

With surveillance Wenlock to accompany us we headed to the depths of Stratford for a little stroll and to look for any spill over effect from the olympics and to see how well the brand enforcement was working. So if you’re in a hurry the summary is: – there’s very little spill over into the local area – the olympic brand enforcement is working very well indeed. Now before I go any further let me say that the crowds around Stratford are pretty close to my idea of hell, but that the volunteers I spoke to were awesome (mainly I … Continue reading

Spirit of the Olympricks photo contest

Not content with not allowing people to share photo’s on the internet, those enlightened people running the olympics have also said if you’re not a sponsor you can’t run Olympics based photography competitions,though locog do seem to have very quietly back pedalled on that a bit. Now as an enthusiastically loss making site (much like the main stream media there) it should be OK for me to run just such a contest as: “A spokesman for the Olympics organising committee, Locog, today told AP: ‘I have spoken with one of our lawyers and, provided the pictures are not used for … Continue reading

A summer stroll

As public minded citizens Katabasis and I, have determined to risk our sanity and plan to venture to the wilds of sunny Stratford (Not the on upon Avon nor the Stony variety but the one where those Olympic thingies are happening). Now whilst we would obviously normally obey the government diktat advice that all non-approved citizens should avoid the area around the London 2012 games, we have a mission. That mission as I’ve burbled about before is to make sure that people are aware of the danger they may be in wearing garments not produced by the relevant approved sponsors … Continue reading