Scriptural illiteracy

I know it’s nit picking, and I don’t disagree with the sentiment behind it, but the current internet fad for memes relating the Christmas story to the refugee crisis is really starting to get on my wick. If you want to make a point about people of a religion not following the spirit of that religion it might just possibly be a good idea to make sure you’ve read the scripture that you’re basing your oh so clever meme on. So this whole, the Christmas story is about refugee’s thing, well it’s nonsense. The manger part of the nativity story … Continue reading

This is it boys, this is war

Yesterday our parliament had a rather long debate on if we should extend our bombing operations in Iraq into Syria to join the multinational effort to tackle Da’esh. There’s been an awful lot said about this both before and after the vote so I’m afraid I’m unlikely to add any massive insight, but for what it’s worth here’s my rambling take on matters. Whilst Mr Cameron did make a bit of an idiot mistake in casting the “terrorist sympathizer” comment a bit wide, it is sadly true that both Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell have track records of sympathizing with … Continue reading

When is a Muslim not a Muslim?

I’m quite sure that other people have covered this better than I will, or they will do shortly. I’m also quite sure this isn’t anything terribly new, however if I read one more comment saying: “They’re not a Muslim” I think I shall possibly have to at the very least have a very stiff Gin no matter what the time of day. I thought that in this day of identity politics we have to respect how people self identify, and an awful lot of people going round beheading people, burning people and doing other not very nice things seem to … Continue reading