In the pay of big Drinka

Wow I seem to have made it to the big time, or rather drinkuary has. It would seem that I’m in the pay of “big Drinka” over on the “Bad science” forums they’re discussing drinking and health related matters and someone linked to my humble endeavour and well it’s sparked a bit of a thread – which I shall be addressing on Drinkuary tomorrow, but this just tickled me so much I had to comment. Scottish Eric seems to think I’m in the pay of big Drinka, can’t wait for those cheques to start rolling in, some people more reasonably … Continue reading

Salami slicing a pint down the slippery slope

This article was originally posted on I do apologise for mixing my metaphors (or possibly even my metafives, amongst friends who’s counting) and I would observe that my beer as you can see is wearing it’s finest tin foil hat (There are bonus points if you can identify what I’m drinking behind the fantastic photo editing*). However I would like to suggest an idea which may well be deserving of a tin foil hat, though I suspect those that have looked at how tobacco control has gone won’t think so. Currently there is much rejoicing in the land as … Continue reading

Drink, smoke and be happy

It would seem that next week is Alchohol Awareness week brought to us by the fake charity Alcohol Concern. Who seem to believe that booze is the work of the devil and whilst we may start with just a social drink before long our habits will spiral out of control. The “good” news is that due to the governments generosity with our money (no cuts there yet) Alcohol Concern are always nagging us to stop drinking, after all they believe that for men 2 pints a day is too much and if you’re a lady well just one pint for … Continue reading