Haters or marketing?

I know there are more important things going on, but I’ve already done most of the digging on this because it’s the sort of thing I enjoy and I’ve been accused of taking a deliberately contrary position just for the sake of it. the reason for this accusation was because I suggested that the whole Over weight haters incident could have been a hoax for publicity purposes. I wasn’t alone in thinking this and Rosa Mundi has a very good article on some of the reasons why it seems likely it’s a scam. Much of what I’m going to say … Continue reading

Insanity prevails

I will get round to muttering about more high-profile vents in due course (probably, unless I don’t) but mean time a slow burning bit of insanity that I’ve muttered about before continues. It seems that Leicestershire Police have become the 9th police force to decide that “subculture” is a definition for a hate crime category. The Sophie Lancaster charity think that “alternative subcultures” deserve treatment from the police. Now as one of those dodgy alternative types and someone who had the pleasure of joining Leicesters knife crime statistics you might think that I’d welcome this development, but as you might … Continue reading

Experiments in baccy

A while back LegIron posted an update on his Tobacco experiments and I promised I’d share what I’d been up to with my experiments. So now with all of last years leaves all packed and mellowing and the new crop in I thought it a good time for that update. Before I go any further I must point out that I don’t smoke so I’m dependent on friends for feedback as to how well it smokes and so far that feedback is good. I’m mainly growing baccy because I can and because people think you can’t (it’ll also be a … Continue reading