UKIP, UAF and reporting

Yesterday UKIP had a rally in central London and the UAF protested it, as apparently they think that UKIP are a racist and fascist party. Normally I don’t go to part political meetings and in fact yesterday was the first one I’ve been to as an adult, so despite not being a UKIP supporter the prospect of UAF based amusement dragged me up into town. I’m not going to bother talking about what UKIP said, as that’s been badly covered by the mainstream media and besides it was the usual rally the troops sort of deal – so if you … Continue reading

The security Jobsworths

For those of you that are regular readers you may remember the other day when I went for little walk, that the police took interest in my interest in the various security features around Westminster. Well it seems the problem is far from uncommon and it’s not just the police that are against us filming well pretty much anything, as Rod Liddle recently found. As the film so rightly observes they object to us filming but want to film us all the time, and when challenged none of them can give a reason why the filming or looking at stuff … Continue reading

A tale of two walks – pt 2

It’s taken me a while to get back to this, but as promised previously here’s an account of the gathering of the “Million mask march” which took place later in the evening on the 5th. I first became aware of the plans for this march when I saw a post on FB which sadly I’ve lost the graphic of as it was rather amusing, calling for people to gather and re-enact a scene from a popular film. The virtual flyer tied it into a hodge podge of causes such as campaigning for a “chemical free Britain”, I’ve ranted before about … Continue reading