More on the monarchy

Just as a quick follow up on yesterdays post on the Jubilee and such, do take the time to go and read this rather sterling article: “Thoughts on the Diamond Jubilee:Sixty Years a Rubber StampBy Sean GabbThose of us who pay attention to such things will have noticed a difference between the BBC coverage of the Golden Jubilee in 2002 and of the present Diamond Jubilee. Ten years ago, the coverage was adequate, though reluctant and even a little stiff. This time, it has been gushing and completely uncritical. There are various possible reasons for my observation…” The comments … Continue reading

Abuse of law

Following my usual practice of getting round to the news a while after it was news, I’d like to draw your attention to two current abuse of law* affecting bloggers that may be known to you. Firstly Anna Raccoon bring us news of a European Arrest warrant issued for the arrest of Graham Mitchell for muder in Portugal. No evidence was supplied as European arrest warrents don’t require evidence nor even to tell you particularly why you’ve been arrested, you know minor details like who you’ve allegedly murdered that sort of thing. Which may be rather relevant as it seems … Continue reading

UAF and the far right

Having returned from my latest travels normal lack of service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime may I draw your attention to this article over at Harry’s Place. Who are reporting that the bastion of free speech and liberty that is “Unite against fascism” have just appointed a new vice chair Azad Ali of the Islamic Forum Europe, proponent of Sharia law, opposer of democracy and Hamas supporter. But hey at least he’s not a fascist! Well probably not, though the links between “Islamic Forum Europe and the far Right South Asian party, Jamaat-e-Islami” Harry’s place mention do make … Continue reading