I want to have EVEL

Mr Hague has joined the ranks of people who have tried to solve the West Lothian question and predictable upset quite a few people. As bits of the United Kingdom get more and more devolved powers the question that gets harder to ignore is if English MP’s have less and less say in the regions why do the regions continue to have a say about what happens in England? A fairly reasonable question but one that always seems to cause a huge amount of kerfuffle, mainly because none of the large parties want to lose power and solving the problem … Continue reading

An open letter to the UK Internet

To all my friends and the rest of the Internet in the UK,  It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that in a few months time we’re going to be having one of those general election things. In theory, this gives us a chance to change who governs us, the direction the country is going in and all that sort of good stuff. Generally speaking, I don’t think we have a very good track record with this; in part, I think because we’re too afraid of the wasted vote boogeyman – however, to improve our track record it would probably be … Continue reading

Asking the great and good about the Bexley one

Following ip on Bexley councils approach to democracy and as we’ve got mayoral elections coming up here in Londonshire – I thought I’d try and get in touch with the various mayoral candidates to ask their opinion on Bexley Council gagging a resident from writing about them. This was an enlightening expereince in itself, all of the candidate websites had quite eay to find links to send them money or register support but very few had anyway to get in touch to actually ask a question. Such as in this case should “Councils stop their electorate talking about them?” For … Continue reading