In the interest of democracy

(This was originally posted to the book of face) Dear Internet, It hasn’t failed to escape my attention that there’s a general election thingy fast approaching. So in line with posts I’ve seen from quite a few of my friends I would urge you all to get out and vote – but if you vote or even just think about voting for a party I don’t like please de-friend yourself immediately. As we’re all mature adults and capable of reasoned and intelligent debate please beware that I’m not interested in knowing your reasons or any details of your local situation … Continue reading

Money for old votes

As the election draws ever closer once more come the exhortations to vote tactically to keep this party or that party out of power. The numerous articles telling us all how for many of us the seats are so safe it doesn’t matter how we vote, we can’t change anything. No doubt some of us will believe all this and then next time round the same voices will tell us once more our votes don’t count and how we must vote tactically for one of the big parties – pointing to how the election went last time. “Look” they’ll say … Continue reading

By their supporters shall you know them

There is a theory going around amongst people of my acquaintance that the best way to judge a political party is by looking at who supports them. Now I think this is nonsense as political parties don’t really have that much control over their membership let alone their supporters, plus of course if someones political allegiance gets reported or not is rather dependent on the media’s agenda. So this theory is actually more “you can judge what a party is like by who the media tell you their supporters are” – which is even sillier. Despite this theory being really … Continue reading