Wenlocks ever watchful eye

The London Olympics may be long gone, but the legislation lingers on. Now many of would thing that a word that was invented in ancient Greece might not be subject to copyright, but we’d be wrong. It turns out that as far as the Olympic committee is concerned no one can refer to Olympic Games with out their permission. Now you might thing that only starting in the lat 1800’s that the modern Olympics might be coming a bit late to the party to claim ownership of a tradition millennia old, but it seems they view things differently. Not only … Continue reading

Discover this crazy life hack to cheat the bedroom tax

The introduction of the “Bed Room Tax”* by the Government in 2013 left many people worse off, facing the prospect of having to move out of their home into non-existent smaller accommodation with all the upheaval, stress and disruption that entails or to somehow manage to get by on a reduced income. However due to a little known government scheme it’s possible to stay where you are and actually increase your income! This crazy life hack which they don’t want you to know about, revives an old-fashioned method of turning empty rooms into Tax Free income! Now obviously as it’s … Continue reading

The undemocratic drive of the remain campaign

Many many words have been written about how undemocratic the EU is, and its lack of accountability and responsiveness to its citizens and local demands – so I’m not going to talk about that. Instead I’ll just ask if anyone else has noticed how many of the remain campaign seem to actually see this lack of democracy as a feature? if the EU over rules a national government or local body to implement a policy they agree with then that’s a plus for the EU and who care what the people want. Of course no one is immune from that … Continue reading