The undemocratic drive of the remain campaign

Many many words have been written about how undemocratic the EU is, and its lack of accountability and responsiveness to its citizens and local demands – so I’m not going to talk about that. Instead I’ll just ask if anyone else has noticed how many of the remain campaign seem to actually see this lack of democracy as a feature? if the EU over rules a national government or local body to implement a policy they agree with then that’s a plus for the EU and who care what the people want. Of course no one is immune from that … Continue reading

Cologne madness

Hopefully anyone reading this is aware of the incidents that happened in Cologne and other German cities at new year. Just in case you’re not it would seem that large crowds of me of “North African and Arab appearance” (as the BBC put it) gathered in Cologne’s main square and around the train station where they fired rockets at the crowd threw bottles and sexually assaulted (include at least 2 rapes) a large number of women. Now normally I wouldn’t write about this, there’d be no need I mean drunken men causing trouble and sexually assaulting women social media and … Continue reading

Insanity prevails

I will get round to muttering about more high-profile vents in due course (probably, unless I don’t) but mean time a slow burning bit of insanity that I’ve muttered about before continues. It seems that Leicestershire Police have become the 9th police force to decide that “subculture” is a definition for a hate crime category. The Sophie Lancaster charity think that “alternative subcultures” deserve treatment from the police. Now as one of those dodgy alternative types and someone who had the pleasure of joining Leicesters knife crime statistics you might think that I’d welcome this development, but as you might … Continue reading