More than a bit miffed

I’m rather fond of London, even the bits I don’t like I’m quite fond of – apart from a sojourn out in the depths of Essex for a long decade I’ve lived somewhere within it’s environs for my entire life. This means that I get more than a bit miffed when some miserable hooligans decide to smash the place up, because they want to play the hard man and get a load of shitty consumer products for free. I actually get quite annoyed by such behaviour, and am more than unimpressed by bits of the media describing them as protesters. … Continue reading

Student tantrum revisited

As articles about the student protests/tantrums and the evil changes to their funding abound, I find myself increasingly confused by the whole matter. The Independent reports that only a quarter of the students are expected to actually pay off their loans, which would seem to put the whole change in funding firmly into the “book keeping trick” category, as the bulk of the funding will still come from taxes covering the loans but the government can at least claim it’s all loans. In the meantime apart from keeping the cost off the governments books for a bit it would seem … Continue reading

Dust settling on the student rampage

I’m afraid to say that the “small minority” of violent elements in the student protests and their “apologists and supporters have managed to remove what sympathy I had for their cause. I largely blame the students representatives and organisers who seem to have had no other campaign (at least in London) than walking on Parliament, and don’t seem to have had any plan on how to deal with and separate themselves from those amongst them that were intent on violence. Perhaps they might have had more luck if apart from marching they’d got friends and family to write to their … Continue reading