A simple question

Thinking about my last post during my morning ablutions, a simple question occurred to me (and before lunch simple questions really are all I can manage). I know it’s been asked before but I think it’s worth asking again: If tobacco and alcohol are so dangerous why aren’t the anti smoking/drinking campaigns asking for them to be banned? Seriously think about it, none of the pressure groups that claim that smoke and drink are destroying lives, wrecking society and killing thousands of people a year at extreme cost to the NHS are actually asking for them to be banned. If … Continue reading

Anarchy in the UK

Due to having recently acquired a social life, previously lost behind the sofa, I’m rather light on blogging and even further behind the news. Sadly I will catch up and probably go back to a load of things that no one’s interested in any more – however in the mean time it seems the police would like us all to snitch on any anarchist sympathisers we might know though they apparently have already backed down Captain Ranty as ever has is covered as does The nameless libertarian so there’s really nothing left to say it’s all done and dusted in … Continue reading

That’s me told

I feel like I’ve passed some bloggers rite of passage as after leaving what i thought was a light hearted comment over at Captain Ranty’s I was roundly taken to task, and both myself and my humble witterings dismissed as as a young stripling of a Marxist globalist “trying to defend from a moral standpoint themselves living an immoral existence”. This as you can probably tell from my new “More vanity” section rather amused me Now being an incorrigible sort, but also rather careful of my manners, I just had to reply to determine what insult I’d caused – and … Continue reading