Je Suis Charlie‬

I was meaning to write an article this week to join in the general condemnation of the calls for Katie Hopkins to be arrested over a tweet. For anyone who believes in free speech the idea that you should be arrested over being obnoxious is horrendous. There have been no threats of action being taken against the people that threatened or called for physical harm to be done to her, but the Scottish police assured us that they were monitoring twitter in case of anyone causing offence. Not in case of people threatening violence but in case of offence. Many … Continue reading

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear

I must admit that I’m terribly amused to hear that Jenny Jones of the Green Party has just discovered that the Police have been watching her. Now from where I’m sat any time a member of the great and good gets a taste of what happens to the rest of us it’s a good thing. What puzzles me though is that this was news to Ms Jones, after all she’s hardly the first politician the security forces have held files on. Just search for “MI5 files politicians” to see, or I suppose she could have asked Jack Straw or Peter … Continue reading

UAF and the far right

Having returned from my latest travels normal lack of service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime may I draw your attention to this article over at Harry’s Place. Who are reporting that the bastion of free speech and liberty that is “Unite against fascism” have just appointed a new vice chair Azad Ali of the Islamic Forum Europe, proponent of Sharia law, opposer of democracy and Hamas supporter. But hey at least he’s not a fascist! Well probably not, though the links between “Islamic Forum Europe and the far Right South Asian party, Jamaat-e-Islami” Harry’s place mention do make … Continue reading