By their supporters shall you know them

There is a theory going around amongst people of my acquaintance that the best way to judge a political party is by looking at who supports them. Now I think this is nonsense as political parties don’t really have that much control over their membership let alone their supporters, plus of course if someones political allegiance gets reported or not is rather dependent on the media’s agenda. So this theory is actually more “you can judge what a party is like by who the media tell you their supporters are” – which is even sillier. Despite this theory being really … Continue reading

UKIP and the mystery of the wasted vote

The Eastleigh elections are over and as everyone predicted the LibDems held the seat, the much more interesting part of the results was how well UKIP did and well done to them for it. The part I found really the most fascinating about it all was the reactions of so many politicians and political commentators (of which I suppose I’m technically one, and if anyone wants to pay for this drivel…). There was so much talk of UKIP taking away the Tory vote, and the right wing vote being split as if the major political parties are somehow owed our … Continue reading

A good day

It’s almost December and today saw the first proper frost of the winter down in my neck of the woods, leaving a shimmer on the bamboo and Cobb nut trees in my garden (pictured), and despite everything today has been a good day. For the first time in ages I almost start to wonder , like Snowolf did a while back if maybe there may yet be change in the air. Despite Mr Clegg showing once more why they should be called the illiberal democrats (and people may be noticing) by teaming up with Mr Milliband to clamor for state … Continue reading