A correction and a follow up

First the correction when writing my post yesterday about the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices I neglected to include any of the images that they had previously published that allegedly led to the attack. Please accept my apologies for this oversight. I’d rather not behave in as gutless a fashion as the mainstream British press, who unlike their European counterparts have all failed to reprint any of their cartoons on the front page, and only one (the Sun) ventured to publish some tamer cartoons on the inside pages. In the main they all preferred to splash with pictures of … Continue reading

Je Suis Charlie‬

I was meaning to write an article this week to join in the general condemnation of the calls for Katie Hopkins to be arrested over a tweet. For anyone who believes in free speech the idea that you should be arrested over being obnoxious is horrendous. There have been no threats of action being taken against the people that threatened or called for physical harm to be done to her, but the Scottish police assured us that they were monitoring twitter in case of anyone causing offence. Not in case of people threatening violence but in case of offence. Many … Continue reading

Finding the real Puritans

(This article first appeared on Drinkuary.) A few days back, a friend of mine linked me to an article on “Christian anger over booze filled advent calendars. Now, the person in question isn’t normally in the habit of reading the Daily Mail, so not quite sure how it caught their attention, but they thought it would be nice for me to have “some real Puritans to get [my] teeth into”. So with such a challenge I of course had to take a look at the article. In a completely unsurprising turn of events, the article is almost completely manufactured puff … Continue reading