Liberty Forum London

Thanks to a post over at SamizData my attention was brought to the upcoming Liberty League Freedom Forum in London. the line up of speakers and talks looks good and being close enough to not need accommodation at £25 quid it’d be daft not to. Given my recent fun and games with Drinkaury I’m really quite looking forward to these talks: Chris Snowdon, Director of the Lifestyle Economics Unit at the Institute of Economic Affairs, and author of “Sock Puppets: How the government lobbies itself and why”, on “Are you paying for Prohibition?” Wolf von Laer, chairman of European Students … Continue reading

Competiton the results are in

Just in case anyone thought I’d forgotten about my little competition as the hoo hah about the both olympricks are now over I can safely announce the winner. Picked from a massive choice of being the only person to enter the Chief Zymurgist gets the Wenlock. +4-2

Olympic Round up

With phase one of the Olympics over here’s a bit of a round up of the nonsense that’s being going on. No much by way of good news for the official sponsors over at Just Drinks Beer drinkers and pubs all over seem to be unhappy with the brand police judging by Real ale up north (And let’s not mention the GBBF being shunted from Earls Court to the smaller venue at Olympia for some sporting thing or other). Even the mainstream media is reporting how bad the games have been for small businesses of course our glorious leaders still … Continue reading