The time swift approaches for a little walk

This year has rather flown by, with revelations of how we’re being spied upon on a scale that would cause many of us to reach for our tin foil hat, the climate apparently isn’t melting down as fast as the “consensus” previously thought, we seem to have avoided yet another middle eastern war for the moment, the current Government continue to prove themselves as bad as the last lot and not really any different, the EU staggers on and of course the puritans are still trying for ever tighter controls on fun (particularly of the smokey drinky kind). So really … Continue reading

Analogies don’t get better

Sometimes life smiles at you and the world creates the most wonderful of analogies. Yesterday as you may have read some Greenpeace protestors decide to climb the Shard. Which is a rather tall building and so presented something of a challenge. Fortunately they had mobile phones with them (presumably attached securely to them by lanyards to avoid endangering people below) and they tweeted about their expereince during the climb. The climb was apparently to protest against Shell drilling for oil in the arctic, not that Shell have offices in the shard, nor that the shard owners have anything to do … Continue reading

Sauce for the gander

The technical issues seem to be resolved, at least until my provider see’s fit to change things again without letting me know, work has even calmed down a bit which is why I’m sat in a hotel room eating room service pizza. With that all said I thought I should probably add my hapeth to the masses of words that have already been written about the tragic events in Woolwich. I’m afraid that I’m going to follow a well worn path and go on about the various ways people have reacted to it. I doubt if I’m going to say … Continue reading