Virtue signalling in progress

In the wake of the Brexit referendum there has been a significant increase in virtue signalling. Detailed statistics are currently unavailable, but significant increase in virtue signalling have been widely observed across all social media. Whilst the situation is being monitored it is currently thought that the afflicted are not contagious and pose only a low threat to democracy at this time. The current outbreak appears to be predominantly amongst those that voted to remain in the EU. This worrying trend has been typified by behavior such as: Posting supportive messages saying “all immigrants are welcome” but keeping the post … Continue reading

Brexit pledges all bollox

In the run up to the EU referendum I can’t help but notice that both sides have spent an awful lot of effort in pledging that if we vote leave/remain then this that or the other will happen. They’ve also spent about as much time rubbishing the pledges made by the other side. A quick search of the news shows how much time and effort has been spent making and reporting on these pledges. Now in many things with regards to the EU referendum we simply don’t know what will happen, we have some guesses in the short term but … Continue reading

So many bad arguments

In less than a month we’re going to have to vote to decide if we stay part of the EU or not, the campaign from both sides feels like a repeat of the Scottish referendum or a Gilbert and Sullivan number ( “full of words and music and signifying – nothing” – Tom Lehrer). Both sides are making claims about how we’ll be this much or that much better or worse off depending on how we choose – despite most economists not being able to predict a damn thing in normal conditions let alone after such a big change. How … Continue reading