Things we won’t say about race

I’ve just watched Channel 4’s Things we won’t say about race that are true. Personally I found it rather a good program, bits I liked bits I didn’t always a good sign in a social documentary (and twitter seems to have had the same problem). Whilst I’m sure it had an agenda (well at least one depending on who you listen to) one the whole it seemed reasonably fair, by which I mean it probably pissed off everyone. Outside of the statistics it was interesting to see how Trevor Phillips views have changed and developed. To be trite the program … Continue reading

Illuminating mischief

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re aware of the recent story regarding Mr. Clarkson and his alleged “fracas”. This latest episode in Mr. Clarkson’s is the latest in a long litany of events which have horrified some people and caused amusement for far more. The reaction to this latest incident is – to my mind – really quite illuminating, but before we get to that – a quick recap. What is known is that after some manner of “fracas” Mr. Clarkson has been suspended from his job and the next episode of TopGear has been cancelled. Beyond that … Continue reading

A correction and a follow up

First the correction when writing my post yesterday about the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices I neglected to include any of the images that they had previously published that allegedly led to the attack. Please accept my apologies for this oversight. I’d rather not behave in as gutless a fashion as the mainstream British press, who unlike their European counterparts have all failed to reprint any of their cartoons on the front page, and only one (the Sun) ventured to publish some tamer cartoons on the inside pages. In the main they all preferred to splash with pictures of … Continue reading